Carrie Kirkpatrick

The Cornucopia, the Horn of Plenty, is a symbol of ever-giving abundance. It has wider meaning as a symbol of health, wealth, success. We will be looking at the Goddesses who hold the Cornucopia, and their myths and aspects and their relevance today.  

  •  How can we be guided by them?

  • What do we want in our own Cornucopia?

  • With practical work, and discussion, we’ll introduce visualisation exercises to meet and connect with the goddesses Fortuna and Ceres, with the introduction of Elen of the Ways.

  • Meeting the other goddesses of the Cornucopia and how we can work with them.

  • There will be a divination session, guided by Fortuna, where you can read for yourself and others.

  • Candle Magic

  • Final ceremony including an oracle


Join us for a Magical Day working with the Goddesses of Abundance & Opportunity in North London.

Date: Saturday 14th July

Time: 11.00am - 7.00pm

Led by Caroline Wise and Carrie Kirkpatrick

Goddess Enchantment

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Caroline Wise is an ordained Priestess who has been working with the goddess for 35 years. She compiled the book Finding Elen, the Quest for Elen of the Ways, and contributed to other books on the Goddess. Caroline teaches days on the Goddess in UK, Europe and USA.

Carrie Kirkpatrick is an ordained Priestess and clairvoyant who has been guiding people psychically and magically for thirty five years. She began working with the goddess twenty years ago and has appeared extensively on TV and in the media, teaching people how to connect to the Goddess energies. Carrie has written and photographed Goddess Enchantment – Magic & Spells: Volumes 1 & 2 and is the creator of the Goddess Enchantment Oracle App.

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Book your place early as numbers are limited

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The Horn of Plenty